For over twenty years, 21st Century Home Health Care Consultants have specialized in CHAP (The Community Health Accreditation Program), ACHC (The Accreditation Commission for Health Care) and JCAHO (Joint Commission) Accreditation Certification for Medicare Accreditation, Medicaid Accreditation, Private Duty Accreditation, Personal Care, and Companion Care Services.
Our New Home Health Care Agency Startup department prides itself on having the most effective licensing department in the industry. This allows us to take months off the normal waiting time for application approvals. Our experience, resources, and proven process are the most efficient in the industry!
Tools, resources, in-depth training, and comprehensive support services, these FOUR CORE VALUES best describe our Accreditation Process.
We not only assure that your agency gets its Medicare, Medicaid or Private Duty Accreditation / Certification, we also insure that your agency is well-prepared to operate and be completely successful in the ever-changing Home Health Care arena.

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Our Guiding Principles

Grace Ogunsola, Rosina McFadden, Emily Lupton

The 21st Century Consulting Team embraces
the following core values held by the Home
Office and demonstrated by our
commitment to our CLIENTS:
To honor God in all we do.
To treat each other with dignity and respect. To encourage growth in ourselves and others.
To build value in our service to others.

Our Training Facility in Tampa, Florida

Thank you to the following Agencies that had a great day of training at our facility in Tampa, Florida

All Broward Home Health

Express Home Health Inc.

Blue Sky Home Health Care, Inc.

Boca Home Health

Texas comfort care, inc.

Gold Team Home Health

Asher Heath Care, LLC

First Health Systems

National Health Care Agency

Mission Home Health Care

Medicor Healthcare

Plan B-Adult care

Ambience HHC

Patriot Home Health Care

Caregiving with Love
HomeHealth Specialists




NAHC Conference


Thank you to everyone who visited us!

HCAF Conference

Thank you to everyone who visited us!

Our God Principle

Boot Camp Training Video Testimonials

100% of our clients have achieved Accreditation and Certification!
Home Health Care organizations throughout the country are preparing themselves to meet the future challenges of a rapidly changing home health care system.

To remain competitive, organizations must often revisit their agency mission, to improve the quality of services and maintain their fiscal viability.

To do this effectively, we suggest you consider the benefits of accreditation for your agency.

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We really appreciate the work of 21st century. I have a number of people who have called me to aske about your company, and I do give them a strong recommendation. You can give Pasha my cell #: 317-496-6040 and anyone else who willing to know more about you company and am gonna "preach good news".

Ruth Mugo, ADM.
Trinity Home Healthcare, LLC

21st Century Consultants were excellent. If you are looking for the experts on Medicare Accreditation, look no further. We could not have achieved accreditation with NO Deficiencies without them.

Emily Lipton, ADM.
Luxor Health Services

I have had numerous Home Health Consultants and without hesitation I would recommend 21st Century Consultants.
They go beyond the expected and provide a level of professionalism that is very hard to find.

Jerry Uwajeh CEO
Ace Health Care Services

We have used 21st Century Consultants services since 1998.
They are excellent. We are very happy with all they have done for us.

Joel Joseph CEO
Total concept Home Health Agency

You can be sure of truly professional, prompt and quality service.
We accomplished our Medicare Accreditation because we did what they told us to do.

Joseph Fagbohun, CEO
Alpha Links Health Care Services

Do exactly what they say and you will get Accredited.
They are former Chap Site Visitors and know their stuff.

Patrice Garcia, ADM
Alpha Home Health Care

We have worked exclusively with 21st Century Consultants for the last nine years.
In the nine years we have had no deficiencies.
That's right, NO DEFICIENCIES. They have all the answers to help us be the best.

George Annan, CEO
H & T Medicals, Inc.

We interviewed many and made the right choice with 21st Century Consultants.

Joel Markel, CEO
Preferred Healthmate, Inc

My Agency received prompt and professional services.
Thank you, I could not ask for more.

Felix Meduka
Joystar Home Health

Very commendable service.
They helped us get CHAP Accreditation and Medicare Certification.
I am completely satisfied and will recommend them to anyone.

Michael Ani, CEO
All American Health Care

Very informative and knowledgeable on the Medicare Accreditation Process.
They know their stuff. They made this easy for us.

Javier Sepalveda CEO
A Beautiful day Health Care

Everything was right.
With their help we were accredited with no deficiencies. I recommend their services.

Georgia Sumonu, DON
Prestige Nursing Services, Inc

21ST Century Consultants is very effective at what they do.
They go above and beyond what is expected.
Great person to person relationship. They truly do care.
With their help I was accredited and received a perfect survey.

Helen Chuikwujekwu ADM, CEO
Relief Healthcare Services

Very good consultants.
They will help you and get you ready for accreditation.
I recommend their services.

Eyemi Ogunfeitimi, Adm
Esteem Home Health, Inc.

They were very helpful to us in all areas of home care.
You will not be disappointed.

Cletus Ogbona, Owner
All Your Home Health

Our agency was accredited with NO Deficiencies.
We attribute this to their great work.
If, you need them, they are available

Angela Boutte, ADM,
Unity Care Home Health

They are always available and full of encouragement.
I highly recommend their services.
With out them we could not have achieved CHAP Accreditation.

Doris & Paul Osemwota, Adm
Empathy Health Care, Inc.

Felt comfortable working with 21st Century. They were very professional and helpful in all areas. The manuals and self study materials were excellent.

Jocelyn Perez, Administrator
Florida Home Health agency

21st Century are former CHAP surveyors with a lot of experience.
We liked working with them.
We passed the inspection and had no problems.
The manuals were very helpfu

Ana Suarez, Administrator
Faith Health Care

I have been working with them since 2006.
Everything is great. They are always available.
I Would refer them to anyone.

Angela Boutlle , Administrator
Unity Care Home Health

21st Century is very helpful in making sure that you meet the requirements of state and federal government for Medicare.
Manuals and self studies are excellent. They always send updates of any changes and keep you current.
I Would recommend them any day.

Michael Ani, Administrator
All American Home Care

21st Century Accreditation is doing a great job.
Rosina and John are very helpful to me in providing all the assistance I need to be in compliance with CHAP requirement.
The Policies and Procedures Manual and Self-study materials are very helpful to our organization not only to meet the CHAP requirement but to attain a higher standard of service.
I am highly recommending 21st Century Accreditation to prepare for CHAP accreditation. You can rely on them!!

Charlie Buhay, Administrator
BIO Home Health Services, Inc.

21st Cent gives you everything you need. If you ask them a question and they have the answer.

Rhonda Gieb, Administrator
Legacy Home Health

They were former Chap site auditors. Very knowledgeable, professional and provided all the materials needed.
The manuals (policies and procedures/self studies) were very good.

Gelys Rios, Administrator
Divine Home Health

DADS was in for my survey. I had no discharge summary on a client and Consultants fixed the deficiency for me.
They stand by you always. They will update policies on the spot for a surveyor.
Everything is installed in the computer for quarterly input.
Took a lot of headaches away from me.
They are very good at answering the phone-get back to you the same day.
When DADS came to audit her John was answering her calls promptly and directed her to the correct policies.

Patricia Penilla, Administrator
St. Isabel Home Health

They are readily available anytime you need them and are willing to provide referrals to other resources to assist in the establishment of your agency.

Marietta Aglisio , Administrator
Magnificat Homehealth Services

Your services has always been awesome.
The lectures at the seminar were fantastic and precise. Please keep it up.
You are among the best of the best.

Adizat Akinbayo, Administrator
Nissi Home health Care Agency

Excellent company. 21st Century brought everything needed, all necessary materials.
" It was like they gave you a Bible." They are always available even on weekends.

Debra Moturi, Administrator
Rapido Home Health

It was a great experience working with 21st Century Consultants.
Very thorough. Prepared self study and went through it page by page with you.

Orlando Rios, CEO
Divine Home Health

We have had two experiences with unprofessional consultants in the past.
Until we were blessed with 21st Century Consultants.
They saved us.
If not for them we would not have been accredited.

Angie Amper, Administrator
Steadfast home companion services

Thanks so much All of you at 21st Century!!
We could not have done it without you! That is a common phrase people use, but in this case is absolutely true.


Aaron Lewis, Administrator
Renew Home Health

21st Century Team,

I want to send a special thanks out to the 21st Century Team for working diligently to help us pass our site survey. They were with us every step of the way, to insure we were equipped with everything necessary to pass our survey and We DID!!! I recommend 21st Century Team to anyone who is considering or in the process of starting a home healthcare or hospice agency.


Angela Baxter, Administrator
Texas Acceptance Home Healthcare, LLC

It is our pleasure to tell everyone how professional you are, and how you have helped us achieve success through your immense knowledge about home health certification and your dependability whenever we need you. We recommend 21st Century to anybody who wants to starting a home health care agency.


Joyce Jumbo, Administrator
Bonnie Crest Home Health Care

Thanks to 21st  Health Care Consultants Century we are CHAP Accredited for Medicare Certification. Truly marvelous/excellent work on your part. My agency will always remain with you. Long Live 21st Century Health Care Consultants ; Long Live the management team. Greatest Thanks to Almighty GOD.

Mercy Ejiofor, Administrator
Mercris Home Health Inc

Home Health Care Associations

For over twenty years, 21st Century Home Health Care Consultants
have specialized in CHAP (The Community Health Accreditation
Program), ACHC (The Accreditation Commission for Health Care) and
JCAHO (Joint Commission) Accreditation Certification for Medicare Accreditation, Medicaid Accreditation, Private Duty Accreditation,
Personal Care, and Companion Care Services. 888-850-6932

The Texas association of Health Care
Health Care Association of Florida
National Association for
Home Care & Hospice

California Association For
Health Services at Home
Health Care Association of New Jersey

Community Health Care Association of New York State
Illinois Home care Council

Arizona Association for
Health Care

Ohio Home Care Organization
Oklahoma Association for Home Care
Michigan Home Health Association
Pennslyvania Homecare
Missouri Alliance for
Home Care
Utah Association
of Home Care
Indiana Association for Home & Hosipice
Illinois Alliance for Home Care